Author; Ann Brennan

Illustrated by Leland Wong-Daugherty

“Gnome is alive! He has sent us a sign!”

With this exclamation, Anglebert, King of the Johnville Faeries, sets the stage at the end of Book One for the continuing adventure of The Faery Chronicles: Book Two.

Rescuing Gnome is a fast paced account of how a team of Johnville Faeries and the Woman from the Big House on The Farm take off for the Isle of Lewis where they meet up with two Leprechauns sent to assist them in their quest.

The Standing Stones of Callanish speak and transformations occur. The Destructive Forces lurk and then strike.

Ann Brennan has crafted Book Two of The Faery Chronicles in a way that takes the reader into the heart of the human failure that has befallen the Earth. The realm of ancient myth and the role of the Druid intersect. The realm of Faery dares a specific immersion in the Human world. The fulfillment of the promise that a lost unity can be regained is on the horizon.

With her usual attunement to the unfolding story, the author has made Rescuing Gnome the dramatic middle step in The Faery Chronicles Trilogy.