Author; S Liddell Mac Gregor Mathers

Here presented is S.L. MacGregor Mathers' 1888 edition of that most famous and influencial book of the grimoire tradition - The Key of Solomon the King.

The Late Medieval texts, from which Mathers compiled his edition, are set forth as two books - the first detailing detailing such things as the contruction of the Circle, prayers, exorcisms, conjurations and a variety of operative magical workings, whilst the second describes the personal preparations as well as the array of magical implements to be employed. Betwixt the two books are to be found the famed Holy Pentacles, their order and uses.

The text, which in the traditional narrative of The Key draws upon the magical records and wisdom of the Biblical king Solomon, furnishes the magician with the means and tools to master spirits, uncover things stolen, move unseen, hinder hunstmen, raise tempests, traverse great distances, open locks, gain riches, glory, visions and victory, to work enchantments of love, protection, healing, blasting, and cause the ground itself to shake!

Our edition of The Key of Solomon The King has been reformatted by repositioning the imagery and creating two indexes of figures – for those that are repositioned and for Mathers’ original plates – for the improved ease of use by scholar and practitioner alike.