From 13th Press, Canadian small business 

Third Print Edition. Featuring gold-gilt edging on the sides of the cards - now includes a matte-black pocket guidebook/"LWB".

A 78-card tarot deck rooted in life, death, and gold. Draws references from anatomy, nature, and distinctly Punjabi imagery. Illustrated by Amrit Brar.

Printed hardcover copy of the guide sold separately.

- 78-card tarot deck
- Matte-black pocket guide/"LWB"
- Minor Arcana pip cards
- Fully illustrated court cards
- Fully illustrated Major Arcana
- 310GSM German black-core, linen finish playing card stock
- Standard tarot card size at 2.75"x4.75"
- Metallic gold ink printing featured on cards (not foil)
- 2-piece foil-stamped nested box