Chalice Well is a holy well situation at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the county of Sommerset, England. It has been in constant use for at least 2000 years and its waters have long been believed to possess healing powers. Chalice Well is often portrayed as a symbol of the female aspect of the deity, with the male symbolized by Glastonbury Tor. Wells often feature in Welsh and Irish mythology as gateways to the spirit world. The overlapping of the inner and outer worlds is represented by the well cover with the two interlocking circles constituting the symbol known as the Vesica Piscis. A spear or a sword bisects these two circles, a possible reference to Excalibur, the sword of the legendary King Athur, believed by some to be buried at the nearby Glastonbury Abbey. Christian Mythology suggests that Chalice Well marks the site where Joseph of Arimathea placed the chalice that had caught the drops of Christ's blood at the Crucifixion, linking the Well to the Holy Grail. Even today Chalice Well is a popular destination among both pilgrims and tourists and frequent events are helds in its grounds. 

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