Author : Joanna Van Der Hoeven

The Book of Hedge Druidry is for those who feel called to explore the magic and mystery of the powerful earth-based spirituality of the British Isles. This tradition will help you look to your ancestors, to the spirits of place, and to the fair folk for the guidance and inspiration they breath into your life. Explore the awen, the gods, the world tree, the four quarters, and much more. Develop your own practice with mystical meditations, prayers, and magical rites that will help you create balance and harmony in all that you do. Learn how to become a "hedge rider" who straddles the boundary between this world and the Otherworld, finding spiritual guides and companions whose insights will alter your own understanding of yourself and the world. Druidry is a powerful tradition that evokes the mystical spirit of times past. This book is a guide to the techniques of Druidry so that you can connect to a higher wisdom for the benefit of all.

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