Author : Arthur Edward Waite

The Book of Black Magic contains magical rituals and literature from rare books and even rarer manuscripts-materials often written in ancient foreign languages and unavailable to the general public.  Arthur Edward Waite has provided an authoritative, honest and authentic text for students who are interested in magical ritual, and for readers who are interested in the historical roots of ceremonial magic and contains an analytical and critical account on the chief magical rituals known to Waite.  He focuses in particular on the rituals of transcendental, magic, provides an important discussion on the distinction between white and black magic, and discusses composite rituals: those rituals in which the fuzzy edges of white and black seem to overlap.  Part two provides a complete grimoire of magical rituals, taken from their original sources in exact unabridged form.  They include rituals of exorcism and purging, how to prepare for ritual, and the rites and mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, sorcery, and Infernal Necromancy.