Bast is the Egyptian Goddess of Pleasure.  She loves music and dance.  She was also the protector of the people’s health.  She offered protection from both disease and negative energies.  Bast is a cat goddess, and scholars believe that she was once a lion deity.  Her role as preserver of her devotees’ wellbeing was found in the rage a lioness shows when her cubs are threatened.  The Greek historian Herotodus records that the festival of Bast was a very elegant affair, and that Egyptians from all over the country would flock to her temple, which still exists in Bubastis, in huge numbers.  The festival was an occasion for real fun.  Those journeying to her celebration were encouraged to tell jokes, laugh, and to get pleasantly drunk.  It was one of the most cherished times of the Egyptian year.  Those who worshipped Bast often made or commissioned statues of cats which were offered at temples, buried with the dead and kept in homes.  Bast is a mother-goddess; one who loves to see joy and wellbeing in her children, and used her power to help them enjoy life in happiness.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33" long cord

Aprox. Size : L: 1.5" W: 0.75"