Author; Diana Kreikamp

The Egyptian Amduat, “Book of the Hidden Chamber”, is a fascinating text from ancient Egypt that describes the journey of the deceased. It tells of a twelve hour long voyage beyond death through a mysterious realm known as the Duat. Every human being, embarking on this journey, will renew themselves to eventually rise from the dead.
In the decade the author worked on this text, she discovered that the journey, as described in the Amduat, is a voyage of Initiation. During the journey the old consciousness, symbolised by the Sungod Râ, is dissolved and transformed into the birth and awakening of a renewed consciousness, which is symbolised by the God Khepri. The process is not limited to the post mortem state, for it occurs during life as well. Therefore, not only the deceased, but every living being on earth can embark on the voyage in question.

Today, the Amduat is still a system qualified to heighten our consciousness. The inner Sungod teaches us how to navigate safely and transform the psyche’s destructive forces into constructive powers. This life changing magical journey is a wake-up call to allow us to see who we really are— divine beings— and to become reborn as our Greater Self.