Apatite Heart


Key word; Psychic activation, access to knowledge Chakras; Third Eye Element; Wind Physical; Helps calm headaches, overcome vertigo, improve eyesight. Spiritual; Aids exploration of past lives, lucid dreaming, dream recall.  **Photo may differ from product

Blue Onyx

Sold Out

 write up coming soon!   **Product may differ from photo

Carved Stoned

Sold Out

Each piece is unique; color, shape, size, and quality will vary Size; 2-3 inches tall   

Celestite Rough


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Crescent Moon Golden Sheen Obsidian


Obsidian Moon in the shape of a waxing/waning crescent moon. This magical gold sheen swirling throughout, is created in nature during the cooling of the lava. Gold sheen Obsidian acts like a protective shield that will deflect negativity and from someone asserting power over us. May also assist with blocks, removing ego thoughts and align us with our highest path....

Fire Quartz


Key Words: Nurturing, Empowering, Mindfulness, Protection Chakras: Root, Element: Fire, Earth Planet; Sun, Earth Physical: Healing our physical  body Emotional: Stimulates Optimism, Confidence boost, Willpower Spiritual: Protects the auric field, Meditation, Gain insight