3 Kings Resin Incense 1oz.


Uses; Purity and Strength    

Arabic Gum 1oz.


Uses; Calms the nervous, protection, healing. (This can also be used as a base for DIY incense)    

Benzoin Resin Incense 1oz.


Uses; Purification, success, meditation, peace, love  

Celtic Blend Resin Incense 1oz.

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Uses; Balance through unity, great offering to the Celtic Gods  

Copal Resin 1oz.


Uses; Purification, consecration, love, exorcism  

Dragon's Blood Resin Incense 1oz.


Dragon's blood resin is used as an incense alone or in a mixture.  Uses; Power, purification, consecration   This is true Dragon's Blood no dye added or scent.