Anubis Incense Holder

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Anubis was the ancient Egyptian God of the Dead.  When his priests embalmed the dead, preparing them for their journey to the underworld, they donned masks with the jackal’s head of Anubis.  As service for the god Osiris, lord of the underworld, Anubis performed the “weighing of the heart” without which immortality was impossible.  He also guarded the souls of...

Archangel Auriel Incense Stick


Especially crafted to help you within your ritual crafts (or standing alone) to call upon the Archangel Auriel, who is often viewed as the guardian and representative of the earth, this fine stick incense makes a powerful addition to your ritual magic. 12 pack

Archangel Camael Incense (Courage)

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This natural incense favours contact with the energy of archangel Camael which acts in the following areas: To let go of our inhibitions, liberation of blockages. Discovery of new horizons. Human relations. Begin making changes. Dispel confusion. Reinforce friendship. 20 Sticks Message from Angel inside Made in Canada

Archangel Gabriel Incense Stick


Serving as the messenger of God, the Archangel Gabriel is often called upon when seeking divine guidance and divine wisdom. Use this incense to aid you in seeking this in your ritual crafts, divination and spells. 12 pack

Archangel Haniel Incense (Love)

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The Archangel incense contains a messages from one of the 72 angels of the Kabbalah. A different message is included in each pack. The archangel incense is a high quality incense and contains only the purest oils.  Symbol: Archangel Haniel is for Love. Made in Canada

Archangel Melchizedech Incense (Peace)

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This natural incense favours contact with the energy of archangel Melchizedech, prince of peace, promoter of spiritual consciousness, free will and Christ Consciousness. He is in charge of preparing redemption, in distributing healing blessings and to intervene when necessary in matters of consciousness.   20 Sticks Message from an Angel inside Made in Canada