Made from Polyester Cotton Blend. These Aprons are solid quality and for all your Witchy needs. Whether you are in the kitchen cooking/baking for your family, making incenses and blending oils and just about anything you would like to protect your clothing from becoming soiled with the material you may be working with.  ** These items can be machine washed,...

Crocheted Shawls


The season of the Crone is alive, and damp cold days call for grandmother's shawl.  Hand crocheted Shawls by Wyrd Craft. Made with real Wool blends. Large Shawl - Green/Purple Measures: 65" X 26"d Large with Hood  Medium Shawl - Black/BlueMeasures: 36" X 24"  Each shawl comes with instructions on washing and drying

Moon Phase Cloak


Vintage/Gothic Moon Phase Hooded Cloak.  Made from Polyester material (this cloak is not geared for heavy winter ware.) This cloak is long and will fall to the floor nicely. 

Mystic Moons Apron


Locally made by Barely Broken Cotton & Polyester material Adorned with our logo 

Mystic Moons Sweaters


Showcasing our unique style for every witch! Our high quality branded sweaters are made locally. All sweaters are unisex 50% Cotton/50% Polyester Can be washed with like colors, do not iron. Tumble dry   ***Please note if you are wishing to purchase 3xl, 4xl or 5xl these are pre-order sizes only. Contact directly to order.