Aqua Morta Water Bottle

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Exercise your demons.- Screw lid with pull-up drinking spout.- 16oz/500ml Capacity.- Height: 18cm/7"- Statement print.- Hand wash only.- Not suitable for carbonated drinks.Staying hydrated, but make it goth with our ‘Aqua Morta’ water bottle. Take your fave drinks on the go and make statement while you do it with the black-on-black print.With KILLSTAR Branding, 100% BPA free plastic.

Bulb Spell Bottles


This is a clear glass spell bottle that resembles a light bulb with a round shape that does not have a flat bottom. Comes in a pack of 10 bottles with an optional topper, rubber stopper or silver toned cap that needs to be glued to seal. Just under an 1" with cap. Size may vary slightly

Hexagon Glass Jar with Gold Lid


These glass jars are fantastic to store your inks, bath salts, and more. Size: 45 ml

Oval Hexagone Glass Jar


These glass jars are fantastic to store your inks, bath salts, and more. Comes with Gold lid Size: 190 ml

Test Tube Spell Bottles


Fill this empty jar with a small amount of any mystic liquid or powder you may need quick access to. Glass, Cork, Brass. No cord. 1 1/4" x 1/2" sizes may vary.

The Hidden Meaning of Birds

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Author; Arin Murphy-Hiscock Behold the power of nature with this illustrated field guide to recognizing and understanding the messages that the universe sends us through the birds we see in our daily lives.Birds are all around us—pecking at the sidewalk, perching on a nearby tree branch, flying in the sky above our heads. But have you considered the possibility that...