Charms Spells & Formulas


Author: Ray T Malbrough By using the simple materials available in nature, you can bring about the necessary changes to greatly benefit your life and that of your friends. You are given detailed instructions for making and using the "gris-gris"(charm) bags only casually or mysteriously mentioned by other writers. Malbrough not only shows how to make gris-gris bags for health,...

Creating Abundance with Feng Shui (USED)


Author: Lillian Too (USED) "There's no limit to the great good fortune feng shui can bring into our lives. . . . It always works when you get it right."--LILLIAN TOOEvery room in your house and every cell in your body has its own intrinsic energy--the fundamental energy of the living earth. The Chinese call it chi, and the ancient...

Creating Circles and Ceremonies


Author; Creating Circles and Ceremonies is the accumulation of decades of circles, ceremonies, rituals, Mystery plays, initiations, rites of passage, and other magickal workings co-created by the Zell-Ravenhearts, today's foremost Wizard/Witch couple. For more than 30 years, Oberon and Morning Glory have traveled widely throughout the worldwide magickal community–participating in gatherings, conducting workshops, and creating rituals for groups large and small....

Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones (USED)


Author: Katrina Raphaell (USED) A guide to the use of crystals and gems for internal growth, healing and balance in daily life. It explores topics such as: working with crystals for self-healing; the ancient art of laying on stones; psychic protection; generator crystals; healing stones and their uses; double terminated stones and their functions; and, crystal meditations.



Author:  Simon Lilly Simon Lilly shows how to use crystals to help treat a number of emotional and physical conditions that include stress, headaches and muscular pains as well as increasing concentration and energy. '

Dictionary of Superstitions(Hardcover) (USED)

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Author: David Pickering (USED) An A-Z guide to the origins and meaning of superstitions. Find a wealth of fascinating facts and a number of fun "spells" to try -- including a rhyme to say to the new moon for revealing the identity of your true love. For those who believe in "breaking a leg", or for anyone interested in folklore...