Book of the Witches


Author; Oliver Madox Hueffer First published in 1909, The Book of Witches represents an intriguing exploration of the witch as a vital archetype, dwelling within humanity’s shadows. Oliver Madox Hueffer (1876-1931) offers an account of ideas and beliefs surrounding witchcraft held in the beginning of the 20th Century and reaches back into prehistory and onward to investigate the origins and meanings of witchcraft,...

Cartomancy in Folk Witchcraft


Author; Roger J Horne In this new and vastly expanded edition, Cartomancy in Folk Witchcraft offers readers a well-sourced and practical guide to the witch’s card-based arts, unifying the realms of Marseille tarot and playing card divination and magic. Exploring the cards as a book of occult art authored by the Devil himself and drawing on cartomantic and folk-magical texts from hundreds...

Cast Iron Crow/Raven

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Material - Cast Iron Size; 3" (Mini)

Centuries: The Prophetic Quatrains of Nostradamus (USED)


A collection of the Prophetic Quatrains of Nostradamus.

Chakras Made Easy: Seven Keys to Awakening and Healing the Energy Body (USED)


Author: Anodea Judith (USED) A complete guide to understanding, working with and developing your connection to your chakra system for healing and transformation.Anodea Judith is the world’s bestselling author and foremost expert on the chakras. In this inspirational guide, she introduces each of the seven major energy centres in the body and offers practical tools for using this incredible energy system...



Author; Aidan Wachter Changeling considers the craft as a vessel, a container for ideas and approaches that help clarify the path to sovereignty and effective practical magic. When integrated into a life, the qualities and practices discussed in the book can lead to a more beneficial understanding of self and the world. Changeling helps us deftly navigate the complexities of...