The Witch's Cabinet


Author; Corinne Boyer The historical record of plant folklore includes a persistent group of plants associated with witches, aversion and baneful magic. Reflecting a hidden dimension of the vegetal world, these spells, rituals, and taboos serve as mantles of ominous attribute, warning of these herbs' sinister qualities, but also suggestive of their hidden powers. Certain trees were widely considered cursed...

The Witch's Master Grimoire

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Author: Lady Sabrina Contains spells and magickal rites in a format that is simple to follow. Includes tips on the most productive times to cast spells.

The Witches Devil: Myth and Lore for Modern Cunning


Author; Roger J Horne Distinct from the devil of Satanism and the devil of Christianity, the witches' Devil remains a potent figure in the lore of folk and traditional witches today. Approaching this enigmatic figure as an inherently syncretic being of many compounded aspects over time, The Witches' Devil explores his complex symbols, roles, and appearances across the ages. Here, the lore...

The Witches' Ointment (USED)


Author: Thomas Hatsis (USED) An exploration of the historical origins of the “witches’ ointment” and medieval hallucinogenic drug practices based on the earliest sources• Details how early modern theologians demonized psychedelic folk magic into “witches’ ointments”• Shares dozens of psychoactive formulas and recipes gleaned from rare manuscripts from university collections all over the world as well as the practices and...

Three Books of Occult Philosophy(Sourcebook Series)

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Author: Donald Tyson The vast store of magical lore within the Three Books of Occult Philosophy has been an essential resource for occultists since its original publication nearly five centuries ago. In this hardcover edition, editor Donald Tyson presents these writings in their complete form, free from the hundreds of errors made in the original translation and supplemented by notes and explanations...

Throwing Bones, Crystals, stones and Curios


Author; Mystic Dylan Create a divination system that delves deep into your psyche to help you peer into the future, explore your past, and address issues in your present. Fortune casting, or throwing bones and other objects for divination, is an age-old magical practice. “Bones” are like totems and can be any item: something from nature, like shells, roots, or crystals,...