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Archangel Raphael Incense Stick


Use these incense sticks to aid you in summoning and praying to Raphael, the archangel frequently revered and prayed to as the angel of healing. 12 Pack 

Archangel Raziel Incense Stick


Especially crafted to help you within your ritual crafts (or standing alone) to call upon the Archangel Raziel, who is often viewed as the guardian and representative of the earth, this fine stick incense makes a powerful addition to your ritual magic. 12 Pack 

Archangel Sandalphon Incense

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Angel of Accomplishment This natural incense favours contact with the energy of archangel Sandalphon, angel of power, glory, prayer and inspiration. If you are manipulated, abused, victim of violence or belittled, call on Sandalphon often to help you find your inner strength and to guide you what you need. 20 Sticks Message from an Angel inside Made in Canada

Archangel Tsaphkiel Incense (Purification)

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The Archangel incense contains a messages from one of the 72 angels of the Kabbalah. A different message is included in each pack. The archangel incense is a high quality incense and contains only the purest oils.  Symbol: Archangel Tsaphkiel is for purification. Made in Canada

Archangel Uriel Incense Stick


Look to the Archangel Uriel to aid you in finding motivation and attaining your goals with the aid of this stick incense, specifically designed to aid you in praying to and calling upon this powerful angel. 12 Pack   

Banishing Incense Smoke

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Our Banishing Smoke Incense is handcrafted by us using 60% Local wildcrafed herbs, resin's and tree (needles/bark). Use; In a none flammable dish, light a piece of charcol (make sure it's good and lite) place in dish and allow to catch for a moment.  Once the charcol is ready take a pinch of the smoke blend and place it on...