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Black Sage (mugwort)


Black sage also called mugwort, is a popular bundle used by those who are seeking spiritual journeys.

Black Smoke Pot

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This is a black stone smoke pot, which is perfect for burning all kinds of different resins, herbs. The pot measures 2.5"H & 4"D

Brass Screen Carved Charcoal

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Includes wood disc 2" tall

California White Sage Bundle


Sage is used to cleanse, protect or heal, this herbal bundle has both spiritual and medicinal beneficial properties. Sage is used throughout many cultures to cleanse and purify your personal space, getting rid of negative energy.  (If you are looking to get rid of negative spirits see Cedar and or Juniper) This Sage is farmed Approximately 7 to 8”

Cast Iron Kettle burner


May be used as an Altar Burner, Candle Holder, incense burner Size; 4" L  Made of Cast Iron

Celtic Blend Resin Incense 1oz.

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Uses; Balance through unity, great offering to the Celtic Gods