Candles of all kinds: from Pillars, Tappers, Votive, to Mini, Candle holders, Candle kits and more.

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Candle Holder Goddess Wood Finish


Size: 7 5/8"h x 4 3/8"w x 4 3/8"dThe Triple Goddess is beautifully depicted, representing three phases of a woman's life. The Maiden emerges gently, like the Spring with the waxing crescent on her brow, full of promise, youth and vitality. Graced by the full moon, the Mother stands proud and enraptured. At the height of pregnancy, she is strong,...

Chakra Mini Candle Holder


This cubed mini candle holder is made from frosted glass, with a silver tone center and jeweled chakra wheel. 1.25" Symbol; 7 Chakras - Crown = Viloet, Indigo = Third eye, Blue = Throat, Green = Heart, Yellow = Solar Pexus, Orange =  Naval, Red = Base 

Circle of Goddess T-light Holder


Gypsum Cement T-Light Candle Holder 2.75" Height 4" Diameter Circle of Love "Within the Circle, women join together to strengthen their voice, embrace their Courage, honour their Compassion, Connect with their Heart's Wisdom."

Come to Me


Lipstick Red Candle - Come to Me. Magnetize your charm to draw your love interest into your arms. Magnetize your charm to draw your love interest into your arms. With a pin or nail, inscribe the name of your love interest 9 times in a spiral around the candle-Or-write a description of your desires on the back of this label...

Come to Me


The Come to Me red jar candle is perfect for those who are looking for help in attracting the one that they desire. Burn it in ritual prayer or spells to help attract the affections of the one that you love or desire. Will burn 5 to 7 days.