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Cauldron drip Candle


  Our Cauldron Drip figure Candles are great for cauldron spells of protection, healing, rebirth, abundance, just a new a new. The Cauldron is the universal symbol of the Goddess and now represents the female womb in witch culture. Our Cauldron Drip figure Candle can simply be a enjoyed as a decor candle. Our in house made Cauldron Drip Figure...

Curvy Moon Goddess Candle

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Celebrate and connect with the beauty strength and power of the goddess within with these absolutely drop dead gorgeous fully three dimensional figure candles.Throughout history, powerful women have shaped and changed the path of history. Be a powerful force of change yourself!The perfect accompaniment to any goddess ritual, altar or shrine. The embodiment of the divine feminine.Available in the following...

Genital Candle


Vulva: red vulva candle is a potent aid in empowering spells of the female aspects of affection, desire, lust & sexual attraction. Write the name of the person you wish to empower directly onto the candle.Phallus: white phallus candle creates a powerful aid in invoking the male aspects of fertility. Write the name of the person directly onto the candle 

Image Candles


House made figure candles in the replication of Male and female. To be used in a wide range of candle magic. Color Meanings & Uses; Black - Break ups, removing/banishing, absorbing negative and evil energies, protection, Hexes and Curses along with breaking hexes and curses. Green - Prosperity, money, healing, fertility, wellbeing, grounding Pink - Love attraction, friendship, family, love...


Skull Candle

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Skull-shaped candle has been created to be used in your spells and rituals for a purposes ranging from ancestor worship and seeking the spirit world to creating positive change.