Training & Work of the Initiate


Author; Dion Fortune Traces the ancient Qabalistic, Greek, and Egyptian roots of the Western esoteric systems, and how the initiation tradition has been handed down from adept to neophyte. Dion Fortune reveals both the broad outlines and underlying principles of these systems. Includes a new introduction by Gareth Knight.

Transcendental Magic (USED)

Sold Out

Author: Eliphas Levi (USED) "ELIPHAS LEVI ZAHED is a pseudonym which was adopted in his occult writings by Alphonse Louis Constant, and it is said to be the Hebrew equivalent of that name. The author of the Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie was born in humble circumstances about the year 1810, being the son of a shoemaker. Giving...

Travels to the Otherworld (HC)


Author(s); Claude & Corinne Lecouteux A collection of tales from the Middle Ages that reveal voyages to Heaven and Hell, the realm of the Faery, mystical lands, and encounters with mythic beasts• Shares travelers’ accounts of voyages into the afterlife, alarming creatures of unparalleled strangeness, encounters with doppelgangers and angels, chivalric romantic misadventures, and legends of heroes• Explains how travelers’...



Author: Katrina Rasbold Magic for Managing All Kinds of Curses Anyone can be the target of a psychic attack, whether it's an intentional hex or an incidental crossing. This book shares effective techniques and practices for recovering from psychic attacks and protecting yourself in the future.Katrina Rasbold shares how to identify the different types of attacks by their symptoms and...

Underworld Gnosis


Author; A.D. Mercer The Inferno of Dante Alighieri, written in the early 1300s, contains some of the most vivid imaginings of Hell and its denizens extant in Christian mysticism. Equally, its portrayal of the torture of the eternal soul marks out a visionary religious philosophy of good and evil, the nature of eternity, and divine retribution. Composed as a cautionary allegory for...

Unlocking the Secrets of Chinese Fortune Telling (USED)


Author: Lillian Too (USED) Unlocking the Secrets of Chinese Fortune Telling  opens the door to the living tradition that Chinese people have used to map out their lives and destinies for centuries; and also to the oracle techniques they used to determine the answers to short-term dilemmas. Discover the following ancient traditions of divination: your paht chee (Eight Characters) birth...