Pan by Jeff Cullen

We live in a world overran by Puritanical ideals, strict social morals, and the subjugation of our primal instincts. There is a God Who watches from the edge of the forests, Whose hidden influence makes us give in to our true nature. He is Pan, God of Groves, Lord of Lust, and King of Witches. We dance to the mysterious sound of His pipes as He awakens our unbridled lust to revel. He knows the secret properties of all plants, roots, and herbs, for His seed fertilizes them all. He calls all wild beasts to stir, and summons shades and nymphs from their hideaways. Here He is depicted virile and erect, the potency and power of Nature, holding His pipes that put the planets on their course, and an offering dish to hold our tributes. Invite this God into your life and join His dance high atop the mountains!

10 1/2 inch cold cast bronze statue


About the artist; Dark artist and author Jeff Cullen has been sculpting for the occult community for many years and his work has been featured in exhibitions, museums, magazines, and have been received worldwide. His unique take on gods and spirits comes from his over 20 years of experience as a practicing witch and Hellenic polytheist. Relying on ancient sources and trance channeling, he brings obscure cults into the modern world.