Ah, yes, "Graveyard Dirt". One of the most magical tools one should have in their Witches cupboard. Used in spells and magical from around the world. From Ancient Egyptian to Hoodoo.

A, powerful ingredient for spells such as bring luck & good fortune, banishing, protection, and even love spells. It is used in curse magical and crossroads workings.

Make an offering to a diety that is the over-seer or governs death. Used in ancestrial workings and spells.

Used to form a link with ancestors and spirits of the dead for spirits of protection, curses, and compelling love spells.  To conjure a spirit to help you work a spell against your enemy. Use only in extreme cases where your enemy is causing you trouble.

Also use to sprinkle around the home of your enemy or to dress a candle

Size; 1oz.

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