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Book of the Witches


Author; Oliver Madox Hueffer First published in 1909, The Book of Witches represents an intriguing exploration of the witch as a vital archetype, dwelling within humanity’s shadows. Oliver Madox Hueffer (1876-1931) offers an account of ideas and beliefs surrounding witchcraft held in the beginning of the 20th Century and reaches back into prehistory and onward to investigate the origins and meanings of witchcraft,...

Eye of the Sun


Author: Kerry Wisner Ancient Egypt has been the singular most important influence in the development of Western Magic as practiced today.  Yet, few people understand the core teachings and techniques of this once great civilization.  Now, more than twenty years after its original publication, this classic work on Egyptian Magic is being made available in a revised and expanded version...

Hallowtide: A Dark Devotional


Author; Val Thomas Hallowtide: A Dark Devotional explores the sacred days between Hallowe’en and Martinmas. It is a moment of the year which offers a deep well of dark magic. As the leaves yellow and fall, and pavements and forest tracks are covered in fairy gold, much that is strange and disturbing, yet exquisitely beautiful, emerges from the swirling mists. In...

The Book of Talismans


Author; William Thomas & Kate Pavitt The Book of Talismans, by William Thomas and Kate Pavitt, takes the reader on an expansive journey through the fascinating world of talismans, presenting a detailed investigation into the nature of talismans, their associated powers and the vital roles they have played in civilizations through the ages. The Book of Talismans explores the intricate web of...