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Spruce Resin Incense

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Uses; Grounding, Spirits (Nature Spirits), Adaptability, Calm, Anxiety, Rebirth/Renewal. Size; 1 oz Locally foraged in Irishtown NB from White & Black Spruce

Tree of Life Incense Holder

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Made of ceramic  size: 4.75"

Triple Moon Backflow Incense Burner


Triple Moon backflow burner, made from metal with shiny black finish. Smoke travels downwards to form a waterfall effect. Size; 4.5" H x 4.4" W

Triple Moon Bowl


A large cast iron bowl with a Pentagram and Triple Moon on the front. Attached 2" dish inside bowl to fit a pillar candle. Size; 5" wide across the top.

Turkey Feather


These beautiful feathers from a turkey’s wing offer quaint tools for your ritual craft.   Size: 10-12"

Visions Incense Smoke


Our Visions Smoke Incense is handcrafted by us using 60% Local wildcrafed herbs, resin's and tree (leaves). Use; In a none flammable dish, light a piece of charcol (make sure it's good and lite) place in dish and allow to catch for a moment.  Once the charcol is ready take a pinch of the smoke blend and place it on...