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Small Soapstone Diffuser

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Soapstone Oil Diffuser Size:3" H  **Product Color may vary.

Specialty Oils


Dragon's Blood Oil With Dragon's Blood Resin, used for empowerment, strengthening rituals, spiritual cleansing and protection.  Egyptian Musk Exotic and sensuous. Nag Champa Our own blend of aromatic herbs faithfully reproduces this floral favorite from India. Use to heighten spiritual vibrations.  Triple Goddess Oil Balancing female energy

Square Glass Bottle with Cork


4 Ounce French Square Glass Bottle with Cork  

Square Soapstone Oil Diffuser


Handcrafted in India. Carved on three sides. Size: 3.5" and 4"  

Stop Gossip Oil


burned by those who wish to put an end to harmful rumours, back-biting, and slander. Used for anointing oneself, fixing the home, preparing purple candle or feeding a mojo bag.

Sweet Almond Oil 16oz


100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil FOR COSMETIC USE ONLY 16 Fl Oz. 473 ml Sweet Almond oil is probably the most popular base for massage oils because of its luxurious emollient feel and its ready absorbability. It is used both by itself and in combination with other oils to make custom blends. Keep all oils in a cool, dark place...