Bottles, eye droppers, essential oils and more.

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3 Ravens Oil Diffuser


 6 1/4" x 6" x 5 1/4"

3.3 oz. Amber Bottle w/i Dropper


Amber glass protects oils and tinctures from damaging infrared and ultraviolet light. 3.3 oz bottle with dropper.

8 oz Blue Shallow Jar


This beautifully styled shallow PET Cobalt Blue Jar adds an upscale, therapeutic look to any product it contains. Use it for cosmetic purposes such as masks, salt scrubs, specialty lotions or body butters.

Amber Spray Bottle


Plastic 1 Ounce spray bottle.


Aromatherapy Car Clips

$37.95 $19.00

Reusable air fresheners for the car or any personal space. Create a personalized scent and look in an environmentally friendly way. Perfect for use with essential oils.Aromatherapy clips allow your customer to create their own unique look and scent for their air freshener. Instead of using one time use cardboard deodorizers, these stainless steel clips can be scented with natural...


Aromatherapy Pendants

$37.95 $19.00

These aromatherapy pendants offer something that most conventional jewellery does not: your customer can create their own unique look and scent for their pendant. These stainless steel pendants are fashionably versatile and include a chain. 5 coloured felt pads are included with each to create a unique look for the pendant and to add a drop of a favorite essential oil....