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Satayloka Azetulite

$28.75 $17.25


The Gates of Witchcraft: Twelve Paths of Power, Trance and Gnosis

$35.60 $32.00

Author; Christopher Penczak Many roads - one destination: that alternate state of consciousness associated with magick and witchcraft. In The Gates of Witchcraft, award-winning author Christopher Penczak looks at twelve different "gateways" of trance and gnosis, twelve different paths for changing our consciousness to go deeper and get more in touch with the magick within. From meditation and breath-work to...


Singing Bowl Pillow Silk 5"

$11.50 $9.60

Square silk pillow for singing bowl.


Lucky Hand Root

$19.75 $16.45

This remarkable botanical curiosity is deemed lucky draws in which the door and protect from harm. Used in Mojo bags or as a talisman to wear. Some practitioners use it as an amulet as part of the lottery , running, playing and gambling. Made in Canada, packaged in both English & French


Osiris Pen

$11.50 $8.65

Hand casted from resin and refillable this Osiris Pen will be your go to pen. Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted. L: 6" x W: 1"


The Candle and the Crossroads: A Book of Appalachian Conjure and Southern

$36.75 $25.70

Author; Orion Foxwood Learn the ways of magic and healing from the living, oral tradition of Appalachian Conjure in The Candle and the Crossroads. Orion Foxwood offers a primer on the real magic and techniques of Southern root magic, knowledge he learned first-hand growing up in rural Appalachia. Foxwood explains magical techniques including: Spirit Sight Working by the Signs (the...