Author; Carl F. Neal

Immerse yourself in the enchanting, sensory-rich world of incense and deepen your knowledge of a treasured and indispensable tool for your magickal life. Carl F. Neal, author of the popular book, Incense, offers this meticulously researched, globespanning guide to the magickal applications of incense.

From "redecorating" a room with the perfect scent to performing intricate incense ceremonies, you'll learn to create aromatic enchantments using pellets, seals, powders, and other incense forms in meditations, rituals, spells, and even games.

Take your practice to a deeper level as you discover burning techniques and mystical uses, both traditional and innovative.

Rituals specific to different types of incense

Guidance for selecting incense and charcoal

An alphabetized list of traditional and modern incense ingredients, including rare botanicals

Combustible: smudging, sticks (masala and joss), cones, cylinders, and dhoops

Non-combustible: pellets (moist), loose incense, and powders

Incense seals, trails, and chains

Correspondences for the elements, seasons, particular intentions, and more


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