A selection and Bath and Body products for all your ritual and non ritual needs. 

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Uncrossing Soap


Use our Specially formulated Uncrossing Soap to break up any block and open your path to success. 3oz

Money Drawing Soap


Wash daily with our Money Drawing soap to enhance your ability to attract money and riches. This specially formulated money drawing bar soap has a delightful aroma & will help undo your money block and help open your path to prosperity.  3oz

High John Soap


Wash with our High John the Conqueror Soap to gain strength & power. Also very effective to use before going to court to gain a positive outcome. 3oz

Love Potion #9 Bath Salt


Love Potion #9!  Bath, is hand made by Mystic Moons using the highest quality salts, and essential oils, this blend includes; Epsom Salts - can aid in healing and detoxifying the skin and body. Can help with sore muscles and dry skin. Dead Sea Salt - highly known for it's concentration of minerals that our bodies can expel each day, dead sea...

Sandalwood Cologne

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Wear the Crusellas Sandalwood cologne to better your luck in gambling and games of chance. 5oz Crusellas Cologne