Size: 4" L x 1/2" W

Maximum 3 per purchase

100% Bayberry Wax - The berries of this wax are hand picked locally, up and down the Coast of New Brunswick and in a section of Nova Scotia. The wax was then carefully extracted from the berries by boil method (one of the oldest methods of extraction). 

100% local New Brunswick Bees wax in a measured amount is added to insure strength and longer burning time. Making these candles naturally dripless. (for better results, keep away from fans and open windows)

100% Cotton Wick

Traditional Folklore: The early settlers that arrived to the shores of the Maritimes were in short supply of most things, one of them was their candles (originally made from Tallow). The settlers quickly realized that this shrub produced waxy berries that lasted on the branches of the bush even into the dead of winter. They boiled the berries and noticed the waxy substance left on the top was able to be formed into a candle. Realizing that these candles burned longer, better and cleaner then their tallow, bayberry candles became a special gift to the early settlers. It takes approximately 16 pounds of berries to produce 1 pound of wax. Today,  you won't find many picking these berries to make candles because of the sheer amount it takes. However it was something our Ancestors did to see and survive in the dead of the night and this holiday season we offer you this special gift made from the old folk ways. 

On the Eve of your holiday be it Winter Solstice, Christmas or New Years, take your Bayberry candle and cast forth your intentions of Good Fortune, Good Health, Good luck and Wealth for the coming year. Allow your candle to burn to the end insuring your intentions are heard. 

Made by; from collecting the berries to making the candles Mystic Moons 

Maximum 3 per purchase

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