Author; Lisa Moon

Awaken the Spiritual Magic within you, access the full potential of your mind, and turn your dreams into reality by connecting with the immense energy of our Earth.

Even if you don't know it yet, 
we all have magic within us…

few have this awareness.

But, fortunately, this awareness can be 
developed, acquired, to the point of manipulating the magic and energy within us to shape our destiny and achieve our spiritual well-being.

In this guide for new witches, Wiccan author 
Lisa Moon will guide you through every step of the magical process to cast spells everywhere, to tune into nature and enjoy its immense energy, and finally express all the potential that is in you.

With this magical collection of 2 books in 1 you will discover:

  • Master the Ancient Art of Casting Spells67 step-by-step spells for manifestation, love, abundance, healing, work and career, friends and family, protection, and more
  • Develop Awareness: everyone has immense power and infinite energy in them, learn to use them to shape your existence
  • The History of Witchcraft: learn more about why the practice has been condemned for hundreds of years and why there are still many disbeliefs
  • True Witchcraft: herbs, candles, crystals, and moon magic, and 11 other inexpensive items to practice true Witchcraft
  • Tune in to Natureachieve your spiritual well-being and a great sense of fulfillment (even if you live in a big city)
  • And much more: Witches' Sabbath, the best days to cast spells, how to set up your altar, and more!

Even if you have no knowledge of witchcraft, 
don't worry.

We all have to start somewhere and 
Lisa Moon has created this collection to benefit both beginners and experts alike.

But even if you start from scratch, this is a real path that will lead to having 
theoretical, spiritual, and practical knowledge to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

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