Hand poured soy wax magically prepared and infused with essential oils, herbs, resins and gemstones for celebrating winter's longest night.

Essential oil: Fir needle, cedar and pine essential oils evoke a northern midwinter forest and decorated Yule trees.  

Herbs: Mistletoe, a plant sacred to the Druids, is associated with the sun and lends optimism and protection from sadness and depression. Juniper berry is associated with the moon and brings blessings and protection on home and family.

Resin: Frankincense is a fragrant, golden resin that brings peace, relaxation and a sense of well-being to humans and animals.

Gemstones: Unakite is a stone of rebirth and illumination, offering opportunity to look positively ahead. Clear quartz for boosts and balances the magical properties of the other ingredients.

Size; 9oz.

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