Author: Sister Moon

The Wiccaning is the initiation rite used to become a witch in the ancient pagan religion of Western Europe called Wicca. Wiccans use ceremonial ritual to help them clarify their intentions, prepare themselves for action, perform actions, and gain results. This creative process is also called magick.

In The Wiccaning readers are introduced to the spiritual basics of witchcraft, and novice Wiccans learn how to refine these values to achieve increasing levels of power to shape their spiritual lives. Revealed are details such as how to dress, how to cast a circle, and how to set a Wiccan altar using candles, salt, water, an athame, and incense burners. The magickal use of crystals, candles, and colors; the legerdemain of the calendar; the lore of alchemy; and the magickal use of herbs, oils, and incense--all are unveiled to the initiate. Attunement for healing, astral projection, divining fortunes, and casting spells are discussed, as are the Wiccan feast days and ceremonies. A guide to forming a harmonious working coven completes the book.

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