Author; Robin Skelton

Publication house; Robert Hale Limited

Publication date; 1992

Condition of Book; Good (used) (No markings, ware on the cover and some pages)

"The Witches ' Law, handed down through the generations, is 'Do what ye will an (meaning, provided that) ye harm no-one.' To this is added the statement of principle,' Perfect Love, Perfect Trust.' The law has been expressed in the words 'love and do what you will under the law of love'. The Old Religion is, indeed, a religion of love.'

Witchcraft is far from being an eccentric cult. Misunderstood, abused and often persecuted, it is the world's oldest religion and one which has seen a considerable revival in the last thirty years. In this practical introduction, Robin Skelton answers the questions that are most often asked of witches and explains the basic beliefs of witchcraft. The second part of the book discusses in detail the rituals and celebrations for the festivals of the year and for the rites of initiation, passage and naming among others. Part Three is a comprehensive compendium dealing with Verbal Magic for love spells, blessings, banishings, biddings and binding; Talismanic Magic for protection, good health, good fortune; and Protective Eye and Hand Magic for general healing. 

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