Author; Cassandra Eason

Druidry, like witchcraft, has always fascinated people, and here for the first time Cassandra Eason makes Druidry accessible and relevant to the modern woman. Focusing on the female experience, The Modern-Day Druidess reveals the background to this nature-based tradition and provides a hands-on workbook with practical exercises that teach you how to draw on the power of nature and the land to live in a more harmonious and spiritual way. You will learn:* How to become a modern-day Druidess* The relevance of nature spirituality and the Druidic tradition today* How to create and work with a sacred grove, the Sun and the Moon, and the natural world: trees, animals, herbs and their meanings* How to use Druidry as a form of self-empowerment. This description may be from another edition of this product

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