by Deborah Gray (Used)

The Good Witch's Guide to Wicked Ways is a fascinating, fun to read introduction to the spells, rituals, potions, and magical powers used by today's real-life witches. With over 100 spells and charms for love, prosperity, fortune, and more, it reveals practical magical methods readers can use to get everything they want out of life.

Author Deborah Gray also offers her personal insights into the life of a real witch--and shows readers how they can develop their own innate magical powers. She reveals the essential knowledge and secret meanings that real witches use to work their magicóand shows readers how to use these secrets to:

* Cast their own spells
* Create new spells and incantations
* Bring magic into their everyday life

The Good Witch's Guide to Wicked Ways includes spells for a broad range of needs and situations--from self-esteem and power to love, sex, money, fame and fortune.

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