Hypericum in Greek means 'over spirit'. Folklore states it was named Hypericum as it was believed to provide special protection especially over the summer months. Later on it became associated with St. John the Batist for the solar aspect and the feast day which is observed at the height of summer. 

- Referred to as the 'Blood of Christ' St. John's wort oil is made of a sun-infusion of its bright yellow 5 petal blossoms. As the infusion sits over time it changes to a deep blood-red color. 

Magical Uses;
- This herbal oil was created with the intentions of aiding in rituals/spells of healing, and love.  As a magical source to the Sun, rituals/spells of strength and happiness can pull the Sun's energy to you to aid in giving energy and filling your vessel with the necessities and nourishment that it provides. Use to enhance your divination experience, anoint your third eye and your pulse points or anoint/massage into your body or under your feet before ritual (can be used an a Summer Solstice anointing oil) especially nice after your ritual bath, or add a full dropper (15 to 20 drops) into your bath water. Anoint your rituals/spells candles for the desired magical workings,  add a few drops of the oil to a charm bag or talisman. 

Size; 10ml amber bottle with dropper cap

Ingredients; St. John's wort (flower & leaves) & Olive oil

Safety tips
- Do not use in oil diffuser (these are herbal infusions)
- Do not ingest (topical product only)
- May interact with certain medications, please consult doctor before use.
- Patch test before use


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