- Witching Hour Midnight Magic - The magic of the night is powerful, ethereal and transformative. The world is more quiet, energy more palpable and anything seems possible.

This candle taps into those special, magical midnight hours- honouring the gods of the night, the powers of witchcraft, and lunar deities and energy.

Blended with black musk, dark perfumes and topped with dreamy florals and moonstone.

- Cut and Clear  - Cut & Clear candles are carefully crafted to sever and remove unwanted energy from around you and in your life. Feeling drained, overwhelmed by other people’s energy, heavy  or not yourself? Doing clearance magic can help to dislodge negative attachments and allow you to move freely forwards on your life’s path. Made with a traditional potent blend of herbs, resins & oils long used for such purposes.

- Honey Pot Love Drawing- Draw positive attention and love like bees are drawn to honey! Sweets to the sweet, honey pot magic works to sweeten the disposition of those around you and to bring the sweet things you want, into your life.

Made with a delicious blend of oils and herbs to get them all buzzing around you!

7 Day Candle

This product is Vegan friendly

Canadian made

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