- Saining - Saining is the name for the ancient Scottish practice of blessing- through water, fire, burning certain herbs and woods, or through spoken word and gesture. Saining bestows protection from negative influences on a person, place or thing. Fire, especially, is a pure and protective energy- the saying is “Cha tig olc a teine,” which means “No evil comes from fire.” Saining was often practiced on days of magical liminality- such as Samhain and the other Cross Quarter days of the Wheel of the Year.

Made with juniper and additional sacred woods and herbs, these candles offer a window into this enduring European spiritual cleansing practice. Burn this candle to bring positive energy, protection and blessings to your home and family.

- Baphomet - Baphomet’s distinctive appearance holds the key to a series of complex and illuminating magical truths. The hermetic being of perfect balance- within and without, above and below. Like the Equinox, Baphomet pulls us towards our own sacred balance.

As the embodiment of gnostic and alchemical perfection; they are the keeper of the keys of esoteric knowledge and a powerful force for self transformation, awakening and deep spiritual growth. filled with a complex blend of musky darkness, guttering torches, temple incense, desert winds and hermetic illumination, topped with offertory myrrh, wormwood and mandrake root. So mote it be.

7 Day Candle

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