Author; Nigel Pennick

...useful guide to the meaning and symbolism of these ancient scripts. Recommended. The Cauldron ...much to commend easy read...this book did inform me and I did learn from it...elements of Celtic cosmology really clicked into place and I gained definite new insights. I recommend it as worthy of a place on the bookshelf Runa This book explores the Wattles and Branches of the Celtic tree alphabets and the tree-lore of the British Isles. It is a wide-ranging explanation of, and commentary on, Celtic tree traditions, covering the Oghams of Ireland and the Bardic alphabets of Wales. These symbolic systems encapsulate the ancestral spiritual traditions of the British Isles; their teachings express the Druidic world-view and ways of thought that contemporary education has forgotten. Ogham and Coelbren contains the variants of the Irish Ogham tree alphabet - its colours, trees, birds and symbols, cryptic codes and hidden inner meanings that encapsulate a creative energy available to-day. The Welsh Bardic system is also detailed, with rare illustrations from scarce texts. A comprehensive appendix details the meanings, correspondences and cosmology that Ogham and Coelbren contain