Lunar Calendar Poster

This annual illustration guides your journey through each phase. You will find the full and new moon phases are marked corresponding to your chosen time zone. This years instalment focuses on reaping what we sow. Woven deeply as always with my personal journey, this years design finds you wandering the riverside gardens of our victorian era home. ⁣It is there among the towering trees and abundant plant life do I closely work with the moon and her many cycles. Sowing and harvesting in ancient rhythm, entranced in the dance of her ever changing glow.⁣

A wonderful way to mark your cycle, track planting times, or just be more in tune. These beauties have so many uses and look absolutely magical in any space.

Hand-drawn and printed locally on 80lb poster paper.

The calendar measures 18 inches long by 12 inches wide.

Made in; Woodstock NB

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