Luna, Moon Goddess
by Oberon Zell, Mythic Images

The Moon Goddess has many names: Ar-ionrhod, Luna, Selene and "Bright Lady of the Silver Wheel.". This is Oberon Zell's interpretation of the Lady of the Moon in Her Maiden guise.

Each plaque measures approximately 5 3/4 inches in diameter x 1 1/4 inches thick and is a lovely addition to any room as well makes an excellent gift - appropriate for all ages! She looks lovely over an altar, over an entrance way, in a child's room for protection, in a sacred space and much more! She is a beauty!

The design is from original art by Oberon Zell, from the Mythic Images Collection. Artists cast each plaque with real crushed stone bonded with high quality resin. Then your plaque is individually hand painted by skilled artisans. Please allow for slight variances as they are handcrafted and painted.

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