The Anahatha or Heart Chakra is located at the heart. Its name means loose, un-hindered, innocent, or untouched. The Sanskrit Mantra letter in the centre of the Chakra is "Yam". To it belong the element air and the colours green, pink and rose. The Heart is the centre of emotion and intuition. When it is open, we feel our own feelings with clarity, and we can sense the moods of others. When it is closed, we cannot see what we and others want or need. Instead we see only what we're afraid of, and live to avoid our fears. The heart is the place where the self and the other, the body and the soul, meet and merge. All the Chakras below the Heart are about basic needs, while the ones above it are about spirit.It is the center of each person's inner cosmos. Its total openness is the experience of Universal Love.