The latin name Solidago means 'whole'. The significance of Goldenrod is that all above ground parts of the plant can be used for both medicinal and magical uses.

There is a lot to be said about Goldenrod's folklore and alot of it centers around prosperity and divination. From finding hidden or lost object, to hitting it big if Goldenrod suddenly grows near your home.  

Magical Uses;
- This herbal oil was created with the intentions of aiding in prosperity and money spells, increasing clarity in various divination methods and rituals or spells of encouragement, anoint your third eye and your pulse points or anoint/massage into your body or under your feet before ritual especially nice after your ritual bath, or add a full dropper (15 to 20 drops) into your bath water. Anoint your rituals/spells candles for the desired magical workings,  add a few drops of the oil to a charm bag or talisman. 

Size; 10ml amber bottle with dropper cap

Ingredients; Goldenrod (flower, stem and leaves) & Olive oil

Safety tips
- Do not use in oil diffuser (these are herbal infusions)
- Do not ingest (topical product only)
- May interact with certain medications, please consult doctor before use.
- Patch test before use