- Morrigan - ancient battle queen, ravens attend her on the battle field. Fierce, unparalleled in her prowess and strength. Many modern pagans work with her when fighting their own battles in life.

The dark blue-black of a ravens’ wing, topped with appropriate herbs and made with strong potent oils to evoke her benificence in her life.

- Lilith - Dark pomegranate red, made with a blend of spring florals, funerary scents and topped with myrrh and poppy petals.
Perfect for a ritual to Her, an offering to Her or your beloved dead, a spring rite or renewal or any work where you need to blend and mend the dark and light within yourself.

- Freya - Inspired by and made and an offering for the Norse goddess of love, prophecy and divination, beauty and strength. Freya is a complex and often underestimated goddess- welcome her intense, loving power into your life!


Each candle is dressed with gemstones, herbs and other materials

Size; 7 day candle

This product is Vegan friendly

Canadian made

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