Author: Yasmine Galenorn (Used)

Learn how you can develop deeper spirituality as you practice rituals and learn the mental, spiritual, and practical powers of the Witch, when you read Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn.

You know what you want in life. You're searching for a spiritual path that is deeply meaningful. You hunger for a closer connection with the Earth, the seasons, and the shifting energies of the moon. You long to weave beneficial magick into the very fabric of your life. You can do all this and more when you embrace the moon.

Embracing the Moon is a guidebook to following your unique spiritual path as a Witch. Based on a non-traditional, eclectic approach to Witchcraft, this system of natural magick draws on many traditions. You can use this powerful, versatile magickal system exactly as created by the author―or you can customize it as you wish. Embracing the Moon describes a multitude of options so you can choose those most meaningful to you:

·Faerie magick
·Hex work
·Goddess rituals
·Earth healing rituals
·Elements and deities
·Magickal tools
·Prosperity and abundance spells
·Recipes for oils and powders
·Love and beauty magick
·Household magick
·God rituals
·Shapeshifting and animal magick
·Candle and herb magick
·Magickal life mapping
·Protection and healing spells
·Rune charts and symbols

The author has developed and practiced her eclectic system for over 20 years. Now you can use her insights, exercises, and magickal techniques to create a system that is both within the traditions of Witchcraft and yet uniquely your own. Get 
Embracing the Moon today.

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