Our Shop made Chakra spray can be used to open your chakras where ever you go. Whether you are in the woods or in your home, it's a great alternative where incense can not be used. 

You can spray on your body, around your environment and or any object(s) 

100% all natural. Myrrh, clove, rose, ambergris, lavender, honeysuckle, orange essential oil, (each essential oil represents a chakra) and Alcohol FREE

How to use our sprays; Gently shake. Spray in areas that you feel could use a pick me up or on your body, you can also spray away from you and walk into the mist so that your full body is covered. Set your intention of clearing or blessing. Only 1 to 3 sprays is necessary, you don't want to over spray.

Made in; Moncton NB Canada

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