Candle Magick Divination: Good Luck - Good Fortune

Author; Dragonstar

SECRETS OF THE AGES REVEALED! SEE THE FUTURE IN THE FLICKER OF A CANDLE'S FLAME By using the arcane art of candle burning, you may now obtain, luck, love, spiritual growth and all around good fortune quickly and more easily than ever before. Whether you are a professional psychic or novice in the occult sciences, this book will teach you how to improve the accuracy of your spiritual readings by adding the dimension of candle magick to the form of divination you already feel most comfortable using. Includes easy instructions for: ** Wax, fire, ashes, smoke readings. ** Candles and tarot. ** Water and mirror gazing. ** Readings By Using Coloured Candles. ** Oil, incense, herbs and MUCH MORE. This is a how to workbook and study guide that will inspire you. The author is a member of an ancient clan of metaphysicians and esotericists whose skills date back to the ancient continent of Atlantis. And NOW this knowledge is available ONCE AGAIN, and this time you can learn to use it for your own personal benefit and become a master of all that is!