Calm like a Balm

Made with grapeseed oil, infused with loose leaf green tea and locally sourced beeswax.

As a skin care product here are some benefits of using this product include:

- Reduces the look or the signs of aging,
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
- Reduces the look of fine lines
- Relieves redness due to dryness
- Improves the texture of the skin
- Reduces the look of dark circles
- Reduces puffiness
- Hydrates, moisturizes and repairs dry skin


How to use; Apply a small amount to face and neck, message in thoroughly.

Made in Riverview NB  


*** Spiritual & Magical uses that this Balm can be used for; 

- Love & Passion (as green tea is known for being an aphrodisiac) 
- Cleansing (want to get rid of negative energy around you even at work and on the go? Green tea is an herb to banish negative energy and can be an aid to your spiritual well being)
- Money drawing (Green tea is an herb for filling your pockets, it can help even wearing to attract a little more for what you need)

- Grape Seed oil, is ruled by the moon and the element of water. So it can a wonderful use to emotional balance and mental clarity.  

- Bees wax, is a wonderful magical anchor holding everything in place firmly and sweet.


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